5kTech’s Quality Management System (QMS) conforms to the requirements. We consistently meet the client’s requirements and enhance customer satisfaction. Our project management approach ensures the successful delivery of projects on time, on budget and according to the agreed specification.


From the requirements gathering stage through to coding, testing and deployment, each stage of the software development lifecycle is divided into a series of steps that are completed the same way every time, guaranteeing consistency in quality. Total Software Quality Management ensures the software we deliver to you does what it is supposed to do - that it meets or exceeds industry standards and that it is delivered on time and on budget.


5kTech’s Software Testing Process

             Test plan
             Automated and manual testing
             Test cases and test scripts creation
             Functional testing
             Defect reporting
             Regression testing
             Performance testing
             User acceptance testing

Some of 5ktech’s application testing services include…
           Automated testing
           Manual testing
           Functional testing
           Hardware and software compatibiliy testing
           Usability testing
           Beta test management
           Integration testing
           Database testing


It doesn’t matter how impressive the functionality of a software application is, if it is too cumbersome for someone to use, its usefulness will be short lived. Not only are we adept at creating user friendly applications through our own custom application development, we also test user friendliness using industry standard testing methods and advanced dynamic analysis techniques. Any outsourced testing.